Nias Fortnightly Surf Report 11-25 Oct2017

By Mark Flint from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay

Happy Campers enjoying clean small-mid size (range 2-6 ft) waves and mellow crowd factor.

Wednesday 11th October: Rain and storms overnight shows a slight increase in size of the bumpy swell! The morning offshore, straightens the 3-foot waves that stand on the point and march into the bay. Some nice forming waves from the outside into Insides kiddies corner peeling clean into the inside section. Mid-day, the sun is breaking through and waves on sets to 4 feet making for a great afternoon of surfing and the crisp offshore has straightened the swell into the bay with waves peeling off the point tubing across the inside section on the now low tide.  Clean waves with the light offshore to end another day of pleasant waves

Thursday 12th October:  Bright sunny morning with clear skies making a change from the previous run of overcast and overnight rains. The crisp offshore out of the bay has straightened up the 3-foot waves peeling consistently across the outside point.  The early morning crew are enjoying the long rides across the top section of the reef into the start of kiddie’s corner

Ben from the Yacht Surfer Girl enjoying the hot water showers of KabuNohi and the stable platform of our bungalow.

Friday 13th October: Crisp Offshore with clear morning skies, no increase in swell size, with slow 3-foot waves across the point edging into kiddie’s corner. Remain this way throughout the day with great surfing conditions but a lack of consistency and size in the swell.

Saturday 14th October: Beautiful morning offshore with small waves but a little bigger than the previous afternoon. Glassy 3-4-foot waves mechanically peeling across the outside break into a sucking end bowl. Kiddies corner with the high tide is coming up and showing nice form with longer rides with the tide increase. Hot day with dry conditions, a change from last weeks rain upon rain. Pumping 3-4-foot waves into a classic tropical afternoon.

Sunday 15th October: Bright sunny Sunday morning with brisk offshore and an increase in swell but slow in sets. Some set waves to 4 foot with prime glassy offshore surf conditions for the morning session. Swell deteriorates back during the day to a 2-3-foot slow afternoon session

Monday 16th October:     Offshore with overcast skies and waves are small with only a few people surfing the early morning session. 3-foot sets slowly moving into the kiddie’s corner and hugging the inside reef.  The wind remains offshore and the incoming tide give the kiddies corner better form alas the keyhole outside break is very small and inconsistent.  New Guests arriving.

Tuesday 17th October:  Crisp offshore bright sunny morning alas a drop-in swell for the morning session, with very inconsistent waves; some to 3 feet breaking on the outside but generally a better option in the kiddies corner section that is holding 2 foot waves close in and running with perfection on the inside reef. Mid-morning the wind picks up from the SE direction indicating a total new weather pattern for the coming week and anticipated pulse for late week and into the week end

Wednesday 18th October: Crisp Bright Offshore Morning, Slight change with the waves as some occasional bigger sets break off the point up to 4 feet on the sets. The early morning session sees only 6 guys surfing, but with the sun rising high the glare from the glassy waves sends the number down to 2 people.  As the day progresses the swell increases to some decent shoulder to head high waves & looking good for the next couple of days as we move into another pleasant offshore Sorake afternoon,

Thursday 19th October:  Overnight rumbling as the predicted swell moves into bay. Morning light sees the swell increase to 5-foot morning waves, plenty of ocean movement, with Kiddies corner and rice bowl awash as the high tide pushes high upon the beach.  We are looking at a great day for surfing and early morning grew to 15 guys excited to see some more decent surf after a pretty ordinary week of playful outside point and kiddies corner.

Mid-afternoon the SW wind slightly picks up enough to take the edge of the waves which are now averaging 5 feet with some 6-foot sets, plenty of waves to 3-5 wave sets & everyone gets their fill on the now rising swell.

Friday 20th October: Crisp offshore morning with the rising tide, alas the swell has dropped back but still clean 4-foot waves peel across the point; sun is bright with a hot day.  The tide starts dropping for the mid-day session seeing constant glassy conditions with a sign of the building SSE wind. Slight SSE wind during the low tide mid-day giving more scope for riding up on the sections than tubing through.  The sun is intense and keeps all but the hardened, surfing for any length of time and short sessions are the call of the day. Afternoon glass off with some great barrelling waves to 4 feet on the slow in coming sets on the outside. A few kids tackle indicators that also is peeling with form but very inconsistent. End of another pleasant day in Nias. Evening activities on the deck spotting the international space station doing a pass over in the bright starry night

New Moon

Saturday 21st October: Crisp offshore with bright morning sun. It’s toasting early this morning! Wave’s small to 3 and occasional 4 foot set but slow start with the high tide filling the outside section up kiddie’s corner has some runners to the end section with plenty of water covering the reef. Better signs of consistency in the swell and with the tide dropping some good waves start breaking.  The early morning puff from the SE to take the crispness off the morning offshore, leading to more of the floaters ad foam climbs on the waves sections. Afternoon offshore sees a little bit bigger in set waves and more power in the swell good afternoon

Predicted swell increase in the next 3 days

Sunday 22nd October: Crisp bright offshore morning waves are consistent 3-4 foot off the point with some nice inside dredging waves, giving excellent opportunity for tube rides along the shallow inside section to end bowl. Mid-afternoon wind is quite strong, making floaters and lip bouncing for the few surfers that are keen, wave size remains around the 3-4-foot mark.  An afternoon push of the tide and the wind drops back with some bigger sets rolling in. A fantastic sunset seen through the coconut trees around the back point

Monday 23rd October: Cool crisp offshore morning with waves to 3-4 foot.  Only a few surfers for the early session. After breakfast only 4 surfers enjoying the slow conditions and our in-house guests have taken a trip down the road to RS rights for this now weakening swell. A hot morning into mid-day. Guests back from Rock stars after scoring some nice offshore shoulder high waves.  The wind swings to the SW but quickly swings back to the NW for the afternoon session in Sorake with small near perfect conditions.

Tuesday 24th October: Cool crisp offshore morning but lack of waves for the morning session.  The bay is vacant due to very slow in-coming waves on the outside point. Kiddies corner has a few runners, but the morning low has them sectioning,

Afternoon better form on the inside kiddies corner with some nice runners from the outside linking sections into rice bowl sections another small but pleasant day in Sorake.

All in all a very pleasant 2 weeks in Nias and some very happy campers with another significant swell due on the weekend.

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Look forward to reporting more in 2 weeks time.  We have cut back from weekly to fortnightly reports at present due to some internet issues in Nias lately.  Mark Flint signing off from the Deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Nias, with a cold Bintang in hand as the sun sets over Lagundri Bay!