Nias Surf Report 26Sep-10Oct 2017

By Mark Flint from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay

Overview: Off-Peak season has begun with a variety of conditions over the last fortnight providing user friendly fun waves out front of KabuNohi Sorake Resort from the Point through to Kiddies Corner and a couple of day trips to Rockstars rights for a change up and fun barrels.  Imagery by @SurfNias portraying fun waves, Nias Culture & KabuNohi Guests enjoying their vacation.

Tuesday 26 September: Slight offshore in the morning with waves to 4 feet on the outside of Sorake Point.  Very few surfers in the water for this incoming tide session.  All day waves remain constant with slight wind.  Pulse waves to 4 feet on the sets.  All up a user friendly enjoyable day with surfing into the late afternoon, followed by Sunset beers on the deck.

Wednesday 27 September: Slight offshore wind in the morning to oil glass perfect conditions. Waves have dropped back to some occasional 3-foot waves but very slow today with only a few people around, making the small waves pleasant for the lucky few surfers. Mid-afternoon low tide sees the slight SE wind blow in crumbling the small inside kiddies’ corner waves.  Cloud cover makes the day cool and the hammock with a good book is a good option in between surfs.

Thursday 28 September: Crisp offshore morning with small waves to 3 feet and very few people surfing these small waves for the morning session. Wind swings slight from SSW backing off mid-afternoon.  The swell is up and down with waves 3 to 5 feet on the pulse. Glassy offshore conditions into the afternoon with nice friendly waves breaking on the outside point.  The ocean for the past few days have been liquid glass typical of the doldrums with a high-pressure system calming the skies and ocean.  Fish are plentiful in the local markets

Friday 29 September: Another still morning with some drizzly rain and steady waves to 4 foot on the outside point clean and uncrowded. Waves and weather constant throughout the day and cloud cover makes it cool and the frequent pulse in the swell makes for a great days surfing.  Late afternoon offshore and great waves to finish off the day and welcome our new guests to experience Nias off-peak waves and a chilled atmosphere at KabuNohi.

Saturday 30 September: Fine, sunny & offshore this morning with waves to 4 feet sets for the morning session with only a few surfers around. Mid-day cloud cover moves in with sign of a storm and waves remain the same; consistent 3 foot off the point with a now strengthening offshore wind. Waves and wind remain the same into the afternoon, good day surfing for the few around.  New guest 2nd surf day with early morning wake up at crack of dawn and small barrelling point waves! Happy Campers and a great Sunset session on the epic KabuNohi deck enjoyed by all.

Sunday 01 October: A crisp offshore sunny Sunday morning with guest enjoying an early morning dawn patrol with clean glassy 3-foot set waves.  Slight onshore moves in for the mid-day session affecting the waves only slightly. Afternoon waves remain the same with a pleasant end of the day with beers and snacks on the surf view deck.

Monday 02 October: Overcast morning with slight wind & glassy conditions and nice small waves peeling off the point.  A bit slow on the sets that come through but the odd set wave up to 4 feet.  Once again very few surfers for the dawn patrol with the cloud cover making it cooler.  A slight wind shift from offshore out the bay to S. West indicating a possible weather pattern change

Tuesday 03 October: Calm clear offshore morning with small waves. Swell and consistent has dropped back however the early morning session makes a refreshing clear start to the day with the swell fading as we move into the full moon.  Conditions are excellent with Inside Kiddies corner starting to host the action, with a few waves trying to break on the outside point.

Wednesday 04 October: Clear crisp offshore morning with small waves running down kiddies’ corner and into the rice bowl section and a few waves trying to rise on the outside point but very infrequent.  It’s a very hot day with a slight increase in the surf action. As the day progresses many of us are just lazing about and enjoying the seabreeze and catching up on some reading. The afternoon high tide and cooling off from the evening offshore with full moon rising sets the end to a very pleasant afternoon.

Thursday 05 October: Crisp bright morning with very small waves on the outside point and more peelers into kiddie’s corner is the morning surf scene.  Another hot & still day with a side excursion to the local market and a surf check of the west coast.  As the afternoon progresses a few waves start to peel across the outside point whilst the cloud cover moves in to take the bite out of the sun.

Friday 06 October:  Crisp offshore morning with a slight rise in the swell size with the large full moon tide.  Mid-morning cloud cover cools things down and the day remains the same.  We take guests on a side trip to a local right for some new taste in barrels at Rockstars – see images of glassy hollow right in the report.

Saturday 07 October: Overnight rain cools the morning down.  The crisp offshore breeze shapes the small 3-foot swell breaking off the point.  A brilliant sunrise starts a nice surfing day.  A full surfing day with waves 3-4 feet off the Sorake point, and smaller waves breaking down the reef line to Kiddies corner

Sunday 08 October:  Overnight rain makes for a cool crisp offshore morning and waves are small on the outside point and breaking through into kiddies’ corner and rice bowl section.  Throughout the day winds and rain storms prevail, winds remain offshore but gusty at times, rain and wind makes it a cool day and slows down the usually Sunday locals visiting Sorake and Lagundri Beach. Waves into the afternoon with weather deteriorating

Monday 09 October: Overnight steady rain into morning showers, small waves off the point but few takers.  Intermittent sun through the rain shower with a steady offshore breeze, rain with strong winds remains around all day, with a coconut tree across the road knocking out power to the district. Surf is small but offshore all day.  Besides the cool change the constant 3-4-foot waves keeps the surfers happy despite the rain.

Tuesday 10 October:  Steady overnight rain into the morning, cool offshore breeze with small waves to 2- foot slow and form lacking in the waves off the point. 2 guys take the waves on for some short rides into kiddies’ corner section.  Mid-Morning rain has backed off with the sun shining through and waves remain small but still breaking on the outside keyhole point. Afternoon not much change with waves offshore but bumpy, dark rain clouds abound.

All up a great couple of weeks with our guests from all parts of the world enjoying the chilled off-peak vibe at Lagundri Bay.  Our Off-Peak Sale is on now with great savings to be had for stays from Oct-Feb.  Off-Peak in Nias is a great option for a family, couples or just the boys surf trip with uncrowded and very user-friendly waves without the big south swells.

Until next week Mark Flint signing off from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort.

As a footnote to this report:

Special Mention goes to Australian eye surgeon, Dr Raf Ghabrial who returned to Nias last week to check up on the progress of his patient Ibu Fitria, whom he performed major eye surgery on earlier in the year.  After meeting her last year, Dr Ghabrial and myself started working on getting Ibu Fitria and her daughter to Australia for emergency surgery to save her eye. As shown in the photos, the surgery was an incredible success and as a show of appreciation, her family put on a feast at KabuNohi Resort for Dr Ghabrial and myself and presented us with some precious local handicrafts to signify their massive appreciation.  We are so happy to have been involved in this project.