At KabuNohi Sorake, our passion is surfing, besides having the prime point wave on your doorstep, there are also other surf options in the immediate area. Several of these locations may depend on your surfing/waterman skills and in our immediate vicinity there are locations that work on variety of conditions

The Surf Point at Sorake in Lagundri Bay Sorake is one of the premier waves on the west coast of Sumatra and earns a top 10 rating in the world’s top “A” grade waves. Lagundri bay is protected by hills and large coconut plantations that direct and fan the offshores down into the bay. Historically Lagundri is little effected by any adverse winds, hence known to sailors as a good all weather anchorage.

Little is it known, but Nias has consistent surf all year round. November to February we class as low season, with the outside point breaking less frequently than peak season, although generally once or twice a week there a 3-6 ft point waves. During the low season, Kiddies corner really comes into its own.

Direct Surf Access

On small days (inside section usually low season) you can access the waves by walking our private path across the reef to the inside waves right in front of the property.

When the point is firing the safest, fastest and most efficient way to access the point wave, is walk or jog from our front yard main gate along the Sorake Beach village road +/- 150 meters and walk across the reef via the keyhole crack in the reef. This crack in the reef allows you a safe entry from behind the wave and a dry hair easy paddle from the Keyhole to the main point, take off zone. It really is very easy and even on the bigger days it’s very easy access to the break.

To exit the surf, you just catch a wave and prone in across the top of the flat reef to our step stone walk and our private beach path into our property. KabuNohi Sorake is a private resort with a unique view looking up the point at all the 3 sections of the wave.


Main Break: The Point (Keyhole)

The iconic wave is Nias is nicknamed ‘the keyhole section’ as when it’s working you paddle out a Keyhole in the reef at the back of the wave. From the keyhole, it is a 50-meter paddle to the take off. Here you can surf from 4 to 15 foot waves that break consistently, with predictable sections. The water depth is even and the reef is relatively flat. Current is nil most of the time and tidal variance is very slight apart from full moon. The wave is fast and powerful and offers a perfectly formed high tubing wave.  Our KabuNohi local guides will give you a personalised introduction to the Point and take you out through the Keyhole and then give you the vital landmark pointers (Coconut trees etc.) so you know if you are sitting too deep or not out far enough to avoid the clean up sets.  Our guides will give you some vital pointers on the wave itself and the best way to approach it.

Local surfers in general are very friendly if you have a chat with them and don’t be greedy and wait your turn.  They will call you into set waves if you are cool in the water.

Your turn arrives and you’re in prime spot for a set wave! Put in that extra stroke and enter with speed and you’ll be set for the ride of your life.  Often you should take the high line rather than do a deep bottom turn.  This high-line could set you up for an exciting barrel or you might be racing to get through to the next section where you’ve got some time to drop down and draw out a nice bottom turn and smack the lip before launching into the end section which will often throw out a nice almond barrel that spits you out into the channel.

On smaller days it may not barrel as much however it becomes a very rippable high performance wave and you may even be able to milk it and fade back to connect with Kiddies corner and take another 100m of skate park through to the rice bowl…now that’s a big paddle back to the Point but well worth it.

Unlike other Indo breaks, The Point breaks in deep water and it would be very rare to touch the bottom even if launched over the falls.  If caught in the impact zone you can change direction rather than try and paddle through it and head for the deep water of the channel and back out to the point, being careful not to cut it too fine and cop a wide set on the head.

Once again, The Point is so easy to enter the surf zone via the Keyhole and exit the surf by a prone out on a wave and heading high up the reef to head in the direction of KabuNohi private walkway back into the resort. There is a fresh water shower at the top of the steps.   You are likely to get the barrel of your life here and more than likely have a photo to prove it as we have local photographers lined up to shoot your sessions and offer you a photo package at a very reasonable price.

Kiddies Corner

The grommet and older guy’s paradise!  Here is a small wave that runs perfectly down the line, hugging the reef and if linked it can serve up long rip-able walls of fun with rides over 100 meters long.  For the short board rippers, this little wave machine is one of the most rip-able and air-able waves anywhere.  For older mellow surfers who travel with a fun board, they will have hours of fun trying to link the sections together.  KabuNohi Sorake founder, Mark Flint says “besides the name Kiddies Corner I have personally nick-named this section of the wave as the “exercise machine”, as it keeps me fit, is super fun and my daily exercise!”  It’s so easy to access/exit with a very short walk up or down our private beach track at KabuNohi Sorake. * It is a perfect funboard wave and Mark will have a small quiver of longboards for rent for anyone wishing to try.  Unfortunately, the domestic airlines will not uplift board bags over 6’8” in length.  A fat fishy funboard is a great option for older guys wanting to have a ball at Kiddies corner.

Rice Bowl Section

This is a small right and left peak right at the end of Kiddies corner, short shallow and tubing. When this starts breaking the up and coming mini grommets locals are on. Rice bowls is a good sign that there is movement in the swell. It breaks directly out the front of KabuNohi Sorake and provides great late afternoon entertainment from the surf deck whilst enjoying a cold Bintang.

Indicators-Outside Lagundri Bay

The picture-perfect wave that peels down the outside point letting you know that the sets are focused on the point! Paddle and take a right turn out of the main break “Keyhole” before and watch this mesmerizing wave peel down the shallow reef. It is advised to best watch the locals here because if they are paddling out it’s a good sign that the swell angle is good.  Indicators breaks perfectly on a shallow reef edge (we have local guides that can advise you and surf with you here).

Sobatu: Deep Jungle right. 

(The venue for O’Neil Deep Jungle Open WQS event 2000)

A walk up around the point to this challenging wave for experienced surfers only, usually a mission here’s well planned and documented. We have a speed boat available for strike/photography missions to Nias’s heaviest and most challenging wave.  Surprisingly on smaller days, it can be a user friendly wave too.  When it’s BIG and if you’re not a big wave charger, it’s worth heading round the point with a few Bintangs and a camera to watch the action go down at close range!

Other surf options accessible from KabuNohi Sorake: 

Guided surf trips to breaks can be arranged directly with KabuNohi at very reasonable prices and there is the option to DIY on Motor scooters.  Mark has intimate knowledge of the right conditions for these breaks and if it’s worth getting off the beaten track for a day

Lagundri Beach River Mouth:

Learning to surf is easy and cheap in Nias.  The Lagundri Beach river mouth has a perfect small wave where you can quickly learn the basics of surfing in safety. Lagundri has a board hire and instructor boards are “Soft Tops” especially for learning on. The Lagundri Beach river mouth can also offer a cracking right-hand beach-break if Main Break is big.  This keeps intermediate surfers happy when the “point” is firing and too big.

Rockstars right:

With the right direction in the swell and favourable winds, our guides can arrange a car or motor scooter rental to take you to Rockstars right for a session.  A 45-min drive along the east coast will get you there.  An easy paddle out through the bay to a mechanical righthander that will throw you a few barrels and have you grinning from ear to hear.

  • Secret Beach (1/2-day Car /motorbike river crossing beach walk)
  • West Coast Surf Hunt (Car trip min 1 day)
  • West Coast Afulu and secrets (car trip extended overnight in Local accommodation)
  • East coast Surf Hunt (Car or motor bike ½- 1 day)

Hinako Islands (Dive fish Surf) Day trips by speed boat or overnight extended trips as required and weather permits – coming soon