You may have read about Nias in the past and drooled over imagery of the perfect right hander at Lagundri Bay but never ticked it off your bucket list.  Prior to KabuNohi Sorake Resort the only accommodation options that exist are budget guesthouse/losmens with very basic facilities and food.  Not really the type of place to take your non surfing partner or family and even a bit basic for a lot of surfers who have become accustomed to creature comforts of air conditioned bungalows, comfy beds, hot showers and excellent cuisine.  Enter Mark & Debbie Flint, creators of KabuNohi Sorake Resort: your home away from home located smack bang looking into the eye of the incredible Lagundri Bay barrel.

  1. How do I get there:  2 options: Option 1/Fly to Medan (KualaNamu KNO). Singapore Airlines (Silk Air), Garuda, Air Asia and Malaysia airlines are the international airlines servicing Medan (KNO) then connect with domestic flights* on Garuda or Lion (Wings) Air to Guningsitoli (GNS), Nias.  * Note: You should have minimum of 3 hours connecting time betweeen International and Domestic flights. If you wish you can look at booking your own domestic flights from Medan (KNO) to Guningsitoli (GNS), Nias either with Garuda or Lion Air (more options later in the day) Option 2/Lion Air also operate daily flights from Padang to Guningsitoli (Nias).  You can fly with Lion from Bali to Nias (via Padang) in one day or you could combine a Mentawais/Nias trip.
  2. If coming via Medan:  In order to same day connect between International and domestic flights you need to arrive Medan no later than 11.30am.  We can arrang the domestic flights for you or book directly with Lion Air (you need to allow 3 hrs connection from time of international arrival into Medan till Domestic departure from Medan with Lion).  If arriving into Medan in after 11.30am then you will need to have a Medan stopover as you won’t have time to same day connect with domestic flights to Nias.  In this case we can arrange a VIP stopover package including VIP airport assistance, airport transfers, 1 night in Medan at the 5 star JW Marriot Hotel (City) or Thongs Inn (Airport) and domestic flights to/from Nias.
  3. On your day of checkout from KabuNohi Sorake Resort you have a choice of domestic flights available (with Garuda or Lion Air from GNS to KNO) ; from early morning till mid afternoon. The choice is yours depending on your international connection (note you need min. 3 hours in Medan to connect between domestic & international).
  4. KabuNohi Sorake is working on flexible check-in/check-out dates.
  5. Your itinerary will work as follows (for those arriving Medan after 11.30am & having Medan stopover onroute to Nias):  Day 1/Arrival to Medan (KNO): Meet and Greet by our rep on arrival and transferred to Medan Hotel  Day 2/Early morning: Pickup from hotel and transferred to Airport for your domestic flight to Nias. * Note that for larger groups, you will be split up on the domestic flights to Nias in order to get your surfboards on the planes.  The airlines only take a limited number of large surfboard bags* per flight. There are 5 flights every morning from Medan to Nias.  On arrival into Guningsitoli, Nias you will be met by rep of KabuNohi and driven to Sorake Beach, Lagundri Bay approx. 2hrs 45mins drive.  Stay at KabuNohi Sorake Resort.  Check-out day: Early Morning Surf and breakfast then transfer back to Guningsitoli Airport for flight/s to Medan. Once again larger groups will be split over several flights in order to get boards on.  Met on Arrival into Medan and assisted with international connections (min. 3 hrs connection time needs from domestic to international.) or transferred to Medan hotel if overnighting Medan.
  6. What are the regulations regarding board bags on domestic flights from Medan to Nias and return?  DOMESTIC FLIGHTS TO/FROM NIAS WILL NOT UPLIFT SURFBOARD BAGS LONGER THAN 200CM OR 6’8″. YOU CAN TAKE UP TO 3 BOARDS PER BAG (SURFBOARD BAG WEIGHT MAX. 23KG*). FOR SURFERS WISHING TO TAKE LONGBOARDS OR BOARDBAGS OVER 6’8″, YOU MUST CONTACT US TO ARRANGE OVERLAND TRANSPORT FOR YOUR BOARDS FROM MEDAN TO NIAS AND RETURN.  NOTE THIS WILL ADD EXTRA TIME AND COST TO YOUR TRIP BUT IT CAN BE ARRANGED.  **KABUNOHI SORAKE DO PLAN ON HAVING A FEW LONGBOARDS AVAILABE FOR RENTAL * NOTE: Wings air charge an extra RP200,000 per surfboard (approx. A$20) per board each way – e.g.: 2 boards in bag you will need to pay RP400,000 (Approx. A$40) each way – payable directly at check-in.
  7. General Health and Safety: Nias Island is generally accepted as safe and free from dangerous animals and reptiles. At KabuNohi Sorake we feel assured that you will not encounter any dangerous creatures or nasties, other than the harmless gecko’, land and hermit crabs in the tropical beach side environment these are in abundance!
  8. Mosquitoes /Malaria / Dengue and general hazards: Malaria and Dengue Fever are conditions and disease that are carried by Aedeses mosquitoes. These diseases are becoming less than common in our area. We keep our environment clean and free as possible from these hazards but exposure is often unavoidable. It is advisable to talk to your general practitioner before your travels to any tropical region and for short stays we do recommend Malaria vaccinations.  Be advised in best practice: Late evening, early morning and still conditions please use insect repellent or suitable clothing that will give protection from nasty and annoying insects. Our grounds are monitored daily for hazards so please notify the manager if you see something of concern or you would like to question.
  9. Indonesian Visa on arrival: Most nationalities are now issued with a free 30 days visa on arrival into Indonesia.  You must have a minimum of 6 months validity in your passport from your date of arrival to Indonesia.
  10. Spending money: KabuNohi Sorake works on cash only at this stage and preferably payment by Indonesia rupiah.  You won’t need a lot of cash but will need cash for beers, soft drinks/mixers (you can BYO Duty free), souvenirs etc.  On arrival into Medan on Day 1 we recommend you go to the official money changers just outside the arrival hall. Our airport rep will point you in the right direction here.  Best to change your local currency AU$ into Rupiah Cash.  There are also ATM machines at airport and in Medan that will work with most international bank cards.  On Nias there is ATM at TelukDalam (20 mins drive from KabuNohi) and this can work in a backup situation however it is advisable to get RUPIAH CASH in Medan prior to flying to Nias.
  11. Earthquake Tsunami Warning: Our hexagonal shaped rooms are of strong design and built with reinforcement our roofs are of light weight construction. We do not envisage that there is a great possibility of any of the building structure to collapse but in saying this; if you feel a large and increasing earthquake we advise that you leave your room and proceed to congregate in front of office drive way gate area. Our staff will monitor the situation and advise on conditions and strategy. In the case of any power failure or blackout, there is a rechargeable portable flash light in each room please note the position plugged into the power socket next to the sideboard of your bed. Note: Indonesian hand phone numbers usually receive an earthquake warning message that gives the current warning and possibility of tsunami status.
  12. Emergency Response and Tsunami Evacuation: In the event of an earthquake /Tsunami warning! KabuNohi has an emergency response plan in place to ensure safety of Guest and staff. If in the name of an “event” or the possibility of a tsunami entering Lagundri Bay our emergency response plan will be implemented. Our location at the KabuNohi Sorake property is located on the main village beach road of Sorake and the intersection of the Road to Botohili Village 500 meters up the road. In an event Staff, will Muster Guest from their accommodation, a head count will be made at the Muster station (front Drive Way Gate), guest valuables Passport medication general requirements will be checked and secured, The KabuNohi emergency/supplies and response kits will be gathered. Guest will be led by staff to walk up the hill via the tar sealed road to the main Village and the Public gathering area.
  13. What to bring etc.:
  • 2 or 3 surfboards (1 or 2 x regular short board, 1 x step up board for bigger waves)
  • Spare Leg ropes
  • Tropical Wax
  • Heavy Duty sunscreen (Zinc for face) and SPF40+ for body
  • Rash Vest
  • Good Hat
  • Reef boots
  • Stickers and spare wax for local kids
  • Any small gifts for locals are appreciated
  • Light clothing
  • Insect repellent
  • Toiletries including Aloe Vera or after sun moisturiser
  • Basic first aid kit with Betadine and a tube of Bactroban (prescription)
  • 1 x Course of Anti biotics
  • Malaria Vaccinations (Malarone recommended)
  • A big smile and a great attitude and leave any surf aggression at home and you’ll get along fine