Mark & Debi have built KabuNohi Sorake Resort on their 2,400 sq. /meter freehold private property located Ocean front directly at the surf point; Sorake beach, Lagundri Bay.

The name Sorake (Zorake), in Nias language means ‘broken coral rocks’. KabuNohi Sorake is absolute beachfront and the coral sands are pushed up our beach to our retaining wall by the breaking waves, The KabuNohi, Oceanfront garden area has a large and private viewing deck that is a great camera spot covering the view directly up the length of the point, and the 3 wave sections with the Rice Bowl Peak, directly out the front), Kiddies Corner, and the Main Nias Break. This deck is the ultimate place to hang out in between surfs or relax on Sunset with a cold beverage. Non-surfers will enjoy this relaxation area as much as the surfers with some shaded areas to relax in a deck chair with a good book whilst catching the sea breeze and checking out the surf action beyond.

Mark has met travelling surfers from all corners of the globe over the years and whilst they love the surf and vibe of Nias. Many have expressed the need to have higher quality accommodation and food on offer so they can bring their non-surfing partners and families to enjoy the wonders of Sorake Beach. KabuNohi Sorake will meet the higher standard requirements of couples, families and discerning surfers looking for quality accommodation, the highest quality cuisine and personalised service.

KabuNohi Buildings:

As you enter the front gate, you will arrive directly to The ‘KabuNohi Big House’, built in the traditional south Nias style. The open plan ground floor houses the reception area, office, large and well equipped kitchen, an impressive bar and an impressive locally carved dining room table overlooking tropical gardens. Meals are served in this relaxing garden area although deluxe bungalow guests can opt to dine in the deluxe area.

The first floor of KabuNohi Big House is the owner’s private space.

The KabuNohi Sorake property is 100 meters deep in length from the front gate (Sorake road) through to the ocean front. Mark’s study of Feng Shui* ensured a perfect design/layout of the resort and the breezeway from Ocean to road ensures a cooling breeze most of the time. *Feng Shui; A system of energy (chi), and whose favourable or unfavourable effects are considered when siting and designing buildings.

KabuNohi is aesthetically pleasing with the design of the gardens and buildings flowing with the natural surrounds and instilling a relaxed mood.

KabuNohi Sorake Resort accommodation is currently offered in 4 categories, catering to most budgets.

Deluxe Bungalows, Standard Bungalows , The KabuNohi Surf House & Standard Family room.

All bungalows are connected via wooden deck walkways on one elevation, wheel chairs can access all the property. Bungalows are spread throughout the property and built to within 30 meters from our beach viewing platform. This is maintaining a privacy barrier and green buffer zone, here we have a walk way through our small garden of banana pineapples, root potato tropical trees and coconuts to the front surf view area at KabuNohi Sorake. “We pride ourselves on maintaining guest privacy”.

Our air-conditioned bungalows are in hexagonal in shape, with attached private bathrooms:

Bungalows are constructed with solid foundations and the strongest fixtures. Architecturally designed to with-stand the strongest winds and earth tremors. The unique thatched rooves with large overhangs were modelled off a traditional Nias hat and delicate hand carved features ornate throughout the buildings. KabuNohi Sorake is indeed a unique ‘handmade resort’ and has provided employment for local builders, wood carvers and clever craftsmen during the construction and will continue to do so in the maintenance. Mark and Debi are very committed to providing employment and opportunities for the local community of South Nias.

The Surf house is a basic open plan room on 1st floor and gets good ventilation from sea breeze.  It is only fan cooled but the night temps are pleasant for sleeping.