by Mark Flint from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay

Monday 8th May:

Thumping waves in the morning with a big tide the first pulse has moved in with the crisp offshore making some big barrelling waves of the point. On-shore wind shift making big exciting but crumbly barrels on the low tide. Some classic Nias barrels in the morning session

Afternoon session with the wind swinging back to offshore and WNW but alas less frequent. Big set size remaining around the 4-5 foot with an occasional 6-foot set. New crew have arrived so it was a hotly contested afternoon in the less intimidating waves than the morning session.

Thankfully tomorrow the crew that arrived (from Chile) are on a boat charter leaving tonight and the Brazilians and a couple of Australian crew are on their way out as well.

Tuesday 9th May:

Morning nice peeling perfect clean waves to 4-5 foot, unfortunately the bigger sets are infrequent but with an empty line up and only 4 guys out early morning no one’s complaining.

Mid-morning, 8 guys with great small tubing waves breaking across the point fanned by a steady offshore.

Mid-day session low tide with slight SSW wind with slight effect to the waves the waves. Rahel our senior surf guide showing all how to wack the lip!

Afternoon swell with waves remaining around 4 feet and perfect Nias Oil glass conditions into an orange pink sunset.  Barrelling waves across into the end bowl section with local switch foot rippers showing how it’s done! Talk on the point is predicted long period swell looking like being the first solid pulse for the season, more to come on that!

Sorake has been consistently good all day with waves peeling off the point all day the offshore in the morning fading to oil glass through the heat of the day and wafting back in for an airbrushed afternoon with crimson sky.

Wednesday 10th May:

Another 3-4-foot morning with 4 guys hitting the early.  The high tide making the smaller waves a bit slow but the crisp morning offshore and sunrise make things idyllic

Steady waves all day with a slow increase moving into the rising tide of the afternoon. Swell lines are moving into the bay as forecast for a rising swell into Thursday

Late afternoon offshore, 4-5 ft with some 6 foot sets as the tide pushes. Very nice afternoon.

Lack of people has made this week magic for the lucky few here.  Broke my favourite paddle board in the arvo session!  Too many good waves today!

Thursday 11th May:

Big morning tide with crisp offshore breeze, sun shining and 6 foot solid waves off the point. The predicted swell is on the move setting up for a great day in Nias. Only 6 people tackling the morning waves that at the present are pushing fast with steep take-offs. Local photographer in the camera boat and he should expect a long day on the water today.

Mid-morning classic Nias barrels to 8 feet.

Swell continues to build with bigger set waves but many pinching on the end making hard escape for the stand-up barrel.

Late afternoon swell peaks with solid 10 –12 foot waves with only a couple of brave hearts taking it on. Some big wipe outs and some big tubes.  Amazingly local surfer “Yo”sai taking off on a couple of wedge wave bombs taking a big wipe out but paddling back around the now white washed wave zone to take an even bigger bomb set and make it through!  Big effort by the local grommets who have progressed from starting off on broken boards in the Rice Bowl and Kiddies Corner section to now be standing alongside more experienced and more well equipped surfers from around the globe.  Waves thump on into the evening.

Full Moon

Overnight rain storm cools the morning down. Strong current running into the bay and waves up the beach are bringing the broken coral known as ”So Rake” up the beach. Coconut palm fronds and debris that have been accumulating high on the beach side are being cleaned out now with this first coinciding swell and full moon tides.  Big job after the next day’s swell, collecting this flotsam and small coral rock, but is a great sign that the season is starting.  Fisherman’s canoes are high beach side away from the swell.

Friday 12th May:

Morning light sees the swell dropped off to sets of 6 feet with nice barrelling waves all day into the afternoon

Classic Nias surf day

New KabuNohi guests arrive and the waves are a bit intimidating with some still solid sets, but Anthony is straight out even after not surfing for over 12 months and Emma watches for the time being.

Saturday 13th May:      

Swell settles down into a more manageable and fun mode 4-6 foot perfect conditions with steady offshore breeze throughout the day, crowds are minimal with visiting chargers moving on after putting on a pretty good show over the last days.

Waves and wind remain constant for another excellent day of surfing.  Surfing all day and getting the rhythm back with a revitalising massage in the afternoon followed by cold Bintangs on the deck.

Sunday 14th May:

Crisp morning with little change in the surf scene.  Morning light sees nice 4 foot waves peeling down the point. The local Sunday visitors love hanging down on the beach watching the surfers and taking the selfies with the wave as a back drop.

During the day, conditions are excellent with waves around 4-5 feet on the sets.  The sun is shining and wind is offshore making for a magic Sunday.  The point has quietened down after the huge waves during the week and things are getting back to normal until the next solid swell which is not that far away.

Monday 15th May:

Offshore winds with morning crisp clean waves to 4 feet but slow on the sets and only 8 people enjoying the morning paddle. Kiddie’s corner is starting to peel through as the dropping swell pulls up higher on the reef.

Mark Flint, signing off for this week from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort.