Nias Weekly Surf Report 08-15Aug 2017

By Mark Flint from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay

Tuesday 8th August: Morning Offshore winds, waves to 4-foot and steadily rolling off the point. Not many people around

Wednesday 9th August: Offshore winds, waves remain the same.  Moving into the afternoon, a noticeable decrease in size.  The kids are having a ball on the Rice bowl peak out the front with the occasional 4 foot outside wave for those patient to wait. A great afternoon with mellow conditions.

Thursday 10th August: Offshore morning and still very few people around.  Waves remain sama sama as last couple of days with slow 4-foot waves off the point.  High tide in the morning make these pretty full but the crisp offshore conditions make for a great refreshing surf morning.  As the day moves on to still oil glass conditions, the waves have pulses with some great barrelling 5-foot waves during the mid-day session,

Afternoon session is smaller but firing off 4-foot sets, with waves on the outside point, Kiddies corner and the rice bowl section out front of KabuNohi.  It’s like a fun park with something for everyone!

Lots of talk of big swell on the way.

Friday 11th August: Overnight rain and cloudy conditions. Offshore morning sees an increase in swell size to 6-foot waves off the point.  Crowds are down and the few lucky ones are having a great session. Rain moves in again and wind swings to onshore bumping things up. By Mid-afternoon wind is back offshore and cleans up for nice afternoon waves

Many people have departed, more rain again looking like an early start to the rain season.  Our last guest checks out early morning after a relaxing stay and enjoyable time in Nias,

Saturday 12th August: Overnight rain, into a fine offshore morning waves to 6 feet peeling of the point into the late afternoon.  Storm Clouds Brewing again and Big Rain coming

Sunday 13th August: Offshore morning and the waves have died back to 4 feet. Sunday morning is church day which sees the point devoid of local surfers.  Only a few tourists around so our guests enjoy a leisurely morning surf before a big nutritious KabuNohi Breakfast

During the day surf remains the same, small but consistent. Rain clouds hover around the region

Monday 14th August: Big rain overnight softening off the waves to small and inconsistent.  Cool conditions with the offshore wind bringing a chill to the air

Tuesday 15th August: Heavy overnight rain with a strong offshore in the morning.  A solid increase in wave size to 6-foot sets has the point firing off barrels!  Storms moving around the region making for cloud covered day. Afternoon increase in swell to some 8-foot set waves and wind backs off putting a great end to a “Surf barrel feast day”                    

Until next week, Mark Flint signing off from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay, Nias.