BY MARK FLINT from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort.

Overview:  Rising swell with the Indian ocean showing a solid pulse and action with the lead to the full moon on the 9th.

Monday 5th June:

Morning starts with a big tide surge from solid swells pushing into the Lagundri Ba with solid 8 foot sets and classic Nias offshore condition.  Plenty of chargers are in the line-up with camera boats out and cameras lining the shore.  Sobatu around the corner is piping and spitting. Indicators is reeling down the reef line. Big waves, big wipe outs and big tubes to be had all day.  Sets to 12 feet late in the afternoon!

Nias is an accessible A grade + wave today, this swell prediction has the surfers from all over the planet looking to challenge themselves at one of the best right-handers in the world.

Tuesday 6th June:

Offshore morning with the big tide combined with big swell plenty of water, sand and broken coral moving around the points

Another barrel fest day for the chargers with some big morning tubes had by the brave hearts

Wind remained favourable all day, low tide had some solid pits everyone had their fill. The spectators and surfers all had a momentous day

With the still of the night, waves can be heard cracking off the point, surging white water across the reef tops and the thumping crashing of the dumpers down the bay at Lagundri beach.

Waves are for the first time this year running the all length of the KabuNohi private Beach Access walk way

Wednesday 7th   June:

Crisp clean offshore morning , swell decrease but still nice overhead waves peeling off the points. Less crew surfing this morning with the early session seeing just 8 guys getting tube after tube. Looks like there will be another excellent low tide session with the swell now calming down and lining the point with the classic Nias all day offshore perfection of 4-5 occasionally with a 6 foot set as the swell pulse fades

Thursday 8th June:

Swell decrease but perfect crisp clear sky and morning waves at 3-4 feet.  Offshore all day, waves dropping decreases the vibe back to the normal day to day activities of the surf camp, forecast still has a good pulse latter in the week

Friday 9th June:  

Another crisp clear morning and more swell today with strong current across the reef top.  Waves to 6 foot and breaking clean across the bowl, wind from the east to South east and back to North and North West.  The mid-afternoon offshore makes perfect surfing conditions. Waves have picked up again during the day with now the occasional 6 + wave and 3 waves sets, things are looking good for the week end

Full Moon

A couple of chargers hit the Sobatu bommie with 10 foot waves and heavy take-offs and sections only for the brave

Saturday 10th June:

Crisp offshore morning waves to 6 foot and breaking a bit wide.  Relax with a morning coffee on the deck

10am the wind swings to strong SE chopping the wave faces up and taking the clean edge off. Onshore remains into the afternoon effecting the wave faces, swell angle change making for fast end bowl section.

Guest opting for tide dropping mid-morning surf.

Most of the surfers and cameraman who flew in for the swell have left or are leaving in the next day.

Back to normal on the point and less excitement for the time being!

Sunday 11th June:

Overcast sky but still offshore morning with 4-5foot waves in the sets, smallest it has been all week but very pleasant with the crisp offshore and a lack of crowds after the hectic big surfing days during the week.

All the fly in surfers for the big swell that started on the 5th June along with the camera crews have departed.  The last few days has seen great waves of varying height with little swell pulses that have been keeping everyone on their toes. Small wave periods of 4 foot when suddenly out of nowhere bigger sets will pulse catching everyone of guard, a slight swell direction change also has made the break more into the end section end bowl tubes that has seen some great action and wipe outs.

Monday 12th June:

Smaller waves in the morning. As usual offshore and clear skies

Waves to 2-3 foot on the outside as the waiting period for the next swell pulse to come in. The prediction starting this Thursday for a solid long period swell hitting all the Indonesian archipelago. Afternoon shows signs of another slight increase in swell and sets.

Out Dormitory guest checks out after 10 days of using the big Surf house.  An intermediate surfer and he had an unforgettable experience as the swell pulse came in big and bigger than his home break in Briton UK.

Bit of Jungle Village trek to the outside points to cap off the day.

Until next week, Mark Flint signing off from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay, Nias