Nias Weekly Surf Report 26 Jun-03 Jul 2017

By Mark Flint from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay.

Monday 26th June:

Offshore wind in the morning, Small outside waves off the point, slight wind change during the day waves remain small but fun.

Long period of small swell with 3-4 waves breaking across the point

Tuesday 27th June:

Offshore wind in the morning, Small off the point with a slight change in the swell and this big slow moving high, blocking low-pressure wave generators in the Southern Ocean. Conditions ideal, clear skies, wind shift during the day but little effect in the doldrums conditions

Expected long period swell forecast

Wednesday 28th June:

Offshore wind in the morning and some occasional bigger sets but minor change in the weeks wave size. The now regular wind shifts mid-day mid-afternoon to slight SE, takes the face of the waves, but only slight effect to quality and power of the surf with a change in the surf style and manoeuvres.

Thursday 29th June:

After a clear night, another crisp light offshore morning wind and scattered rain. The low rain clouds make it cool for a change. Waves continue at the same size as the previous days again peeling off the outside point with some connecting into the inside Kiddies corner and rice bowl section

Predicted long period swell for the week end is the talk around the table.  Friday Sat Sunday and into the next week

Friday 30th June:

Overcast offshore wind morning Swell is still yet to come but there are the signs of current and increased water movement around the outer reef. Little change throughout the day wind change but no increase in swell size.

Saturday 1st July:

Crisp offshore morning but lack of swell. 2-foot waves peel of the outside point, staying generally that way all day, swell angle is giving long rides with few bigger waves late afternoon

Last day for our guests in the Surf house

We organise a trip to the local village to see the sights but the surf froffers decide to pass up the cultural attractions to milk the last day of surf on the point before packing up their board bags for the next part of their journey in the Mentawai’s.

Guest take a village trek to the nearby traditional village of Hiliametaniha, mobbed by friendly kids when Sabine fly’s her drone

Sunday 2nd July:

Offshore morning small waves off the point, walk around to the outside right see more size but wave is close to the reef top,

Guest, do a plantation walk in the cool of the afternoon another drone flight by Sabine captures the moments

Monday 3rd July:

Smallest day of the week so far

Little waves to 3 feet of the outside point, with infrequent sets.  It’s a good opportunity for ome adventure to the village, plantation and a good KabuNohi meal to top it off