Nias Weekly Surf Report 19-26 Jun 2017

By Mark Flint from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay.

Monday 19th June:

Offshore morning cool and crisp. Waves have dropped back to 2 feet with little movement in the ocean at all.  Little change during the day wave small inside outside 3=2-3 feet very pleasant with little people around

Our Guest Rodney has his last surf this morning having scored a full week of waves.  Surfers who had come in for the anticipated swell of last week have all left and other travelling surfers are taking advantage of the low wave conditions to travel to other locations further afield in Sumatra.  Nias is all but empty at present again

Tuesday 20th June:

A repeat of Monday morning with the cool offshore wind and very small waves off the point and into kiddie’s corner.

Waves small to 2 feet across all sections of the wave from the point into Kiddies and the rice bowl section in front of the KabuNohi View deck

After the weeks of pumping swell it’s time to get the board repairs done. Papa Shanes workshop is running hot with kids keen to get a Papa Shane model board which could be the tail of one board and the nose of another! Some interesting shapes happening of late and the kids are loving the variety of design mixes and some of them really rip on these hybrids.

Wednesday 21st June:

Repeat again, low surf , offshore wind blowing in the bay, great waves for learning on the inside with the occasional set wave to 4 foot on the outside. Water is clear and days are hot.  Real equatorial doldrums weather with a big high covering the total of the Indian ocean

Thursday 22nd June:

Repeat again, small waves equatorial doldrums surface conditions, small 2-3-foot wave on the outside just enough to keep what little surfers around happy, but most fun down in the kiddies corner section.

No change throughout the day beautiful afternoon light watching the kids in the rice bowl and kiddies corner section

Friday 23rd June:

Overcast but offshore in the early morning and no change in the waves; still very small. The still equatorial conditions are prevailing with the slow moving high-pressure systems sitting and covering the total of the Indian ocean.  Predicted swell coming is still a week away and should peak with the tides and tidal surge following the new moon

Saturday 24th June:

Offshore clear morning slight change with small increase in swell.  Big high tide in the morning during the day with increased wave frequency to 4-5 foot sets breaking nicely across the outside point. Wind swing to light south east mid-afternoon to bump the faces around. But weakening directly back to the west and offshore.

New Moon

Morning tide to 1.2 meters

New guests arriving today for the start of another solid week of building swell and waves off the point Sorake.

New guests get a quick introductory of the line ups and the local knowledge tricks and are Out there for the afternoon glass off

Sunday 25th June:

Big morning tide with the start of the new moon phase. Offshore wind with 4-5 feet full set waves breaking across the outside point in the morning, slight onshore a back to offshore during the day to late afternoon with some bomb sets to 6 feet with the afternoon offshore bringing a great end to the day

Tide 1.2 meter

High 06:50

Low 13:25

Monday 26th June:

Overnight blustery storm from the west with some much-needed rain after a nearly 2-month dry period in the South Nias Island Morning light has a slight offshore breeze and noticeably smaller waves on the point, the inside rice bowl section on the high tide has some great reform sections but no takers on this shallower part of the reef. Day remains the same passing storms spattering of rain but no change in the swell size or frequency. Guest do a plantation walk to Sobatu to see the conditions on this infamous heavy right, enjoy the village and village gardens and plantations in between, beers on the view deck and evening meal, trading stories sets the tone of the evening.

Until next week, Mark Flint signing off from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay, Nias