Nias Weekly Surf Report 15-22 Aug 2017

By Mark Flint from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay

Swell starting to rise, unsettled weather for the start of the new week.

All photos this week of my old mate, Tony Rae originally from Blacksmiths Beach (South Newcastle) and now based at Hastings. As you can see, Tony was a pig in mud and ripping Lagundri apart and spending a lot of time in the green room #pacificlongboarder

Tuesday 15th Aug: Heavy overnight rain with a strong offshore in the morning and an increase in wave size to 6-foot sets has the point firing off barrels.  Storms moving around the region making for cloud covered day. Afternoon increase in swell to some 8-foot set waves and wind backs off & swings favourably to cap off a great surf barrel feast day.  Full day of surfing – Morning strong northerly wind offshore out of the bay making for many late take offs and caught in the lip action & afternoon perfect late afternoon glass with some solid 8-foot barrels!

Wednesday 16th Aug: Slight decrease in the swell with the offshore northerly wind blowing straight out the bay.  Another good session with the early morning low producing some bomb tubes across the inside section to end bowl

Thursday 17th Aug: Indonesian Independence Day   

Cloudy but offshore morning  & waves still pumping with 6-foot bombs giving everyone a great surf experience. Sun is behind clouds lacking for photography points but keeping the crew cool.  Wind increase during the day from the NNE causing chop across the face and holding surfers high. Most wait for the afternoon wind shift and sure enough the afternoon wind backs off and produces some nice late afternoon bombs for the end to a great overcast cold rainy day on the point.

Friday 18th Aug:  Crisp sunny offshore morning & the wind has abated and back to classic Nias conditions. 6- foot with some 8-foot sets keeping everyone on their toes. Swell backs off during the day to 6-foot in the afternoon & classic Nias Barrels

It’s the last day surfing for our guest and old mate Tony Rae surfing Nias. Tomorrow he checks out and is off to the Mentawai’s.  Nias has given him the goods and KabuNohi Sorake Resort has kept him fuelled up and relaxed in comfort.  Tony comments “I feel great each day in the surf, having eaten such good food and getting a great nights sleep”.  He’s now surf fit & tropical acclimatised to on the new adventure in the Ments.

Saturday 19th August: Crisp offshore & bright sunny day.

Slower waves but still pumping. During the day the wind shifts to onshore and a decrease in quality and swell size.  Still heaps of surf able/shred able waves and no crowds! Afternoon has back off in the wind and some nice 4-5-foot tubing waves to end the day!  New guest Aaron arrived Friday and surfed for 4 hours today.

Sunday 20th August: Crisp offshore morning, sun is beaming! Waves to 6-foot firing and the morning crew do well and pull into some nice barrels that are firing off the point.  All day the waves are consistent into the afternoon and it’s a great end to the weekend.  There are very few people around at present even though the surf has been consistently perfect for weeks on end!

Monday 21st August:  Overnight rain and still morning conditions. The waves have dropped back a bit to 5 feet. Cloud and slight rain makes it a cool day with glassy still conditions into the mid-morning. Our guest Aaron is enjoying the cool cloud cover spending more than 3 hour out in a session and having 2 sessions a day and sleeping 9 hours at night!

Tuesday 22nd August: Offshore morning, sun shining and waves dropped back to 4-foot with 5-foot sets. Slow in Nias at present with very few visiting surfers around so everyone is casual and enjoying the surfing fun.

Onshore during the middle of the day with the wind and swell dropping back off in the afternoon. Waves to 3-foot. Swell remains small and so do the surfer numbers. Our new guests from Italy arrive today!

Until next week, Mark Flint signing off from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort.