Nias Weekly Surf Report 05-12 Sep 2017

By Mark Flint from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay

Overview: A mix of weather and waves.  Imagery by @SurfNias portraying fun waves, Nias Culture & KabuNohi Guests enjoying their vacation.

Tuesday 05 Sep: Rainy morning with nice offshore breeze clearing skies and noticeable increase in swell size. Great surfing conditions with overcast skies and constant waves to 4 feet.  Mid-afternoon pulse into the late afternoon. Constant rain from the west direction for the change of the season and overnight rain will be the common theme for a while now.

Wednesday 6 Sep: Offshore wind with waves to 3 to 4 feet but due to wind and rain, conditions are not breaking cleanly.  A few guys take on the less than perfect conditions for the morning session.

Mid-day see the skies clearing and sun trying to peak out wind remain offshore waves slowly get better form and clean up. Late breakfast and card games in the KabuNohi breakfast bar area occupies the guests.  Things liven up later in the day with guests enjoying some duty-free drinks!

Thursday 7 Sep: Overnight rain, with easing back in the morning, offshore winds and reasonably glassy conditions with the sun breaking through. Waves to 3 feet on the keyhole breaking through to Kiddies corner.

Friday 8 Sep: Overnight Rain and showers in the morning, wind offshore and small waves on the point but very clean and pleasant conditions.  Into the afternoon waves increase in size to 3 ft with the occasional 4 foot set peeling across the point.  Guests surf small and clean ‘Rockstars’ right in the morning.  A nice alternative about an hour down the road.

Saturday 9 Sep: Rain continues throughout the night and into the morning. Surf also remains the same to 3 foot with the offshore wind.  Inside Kiddies Corner starts producing some nice peeling waves for the agile local surfers and young surfers to get the fins out and boost some aerials! Rain continues throughout the day.

Sunday 10 Sep:  Rain finally stops for an offshore but small wave Sunday.  Kiddies Corner and a few outside waves make for a relaxing with partly sunny day. Some sets into the late afternoon show a sign of an increase in wave action but winds are now coming in early from the SE direction

Monday 11 Sep: Slight increase in swell with 4-foot waves off the point.  Wind is early in from the SE direction indicating a totally new weather pattern from the rainy days of the past week. Waves pulse through the day even though there is the slight onshore winds.  Airs and floaters by the few surfers and locals that enjoy the change from the previous rainy days.

Tuesday 12 Sep:  Bright sunny morning with slight offshore wind, waves to 3 foot slow across the point into Kiddies Corner.  Wind moves in from the SE direction defining a definite weather change and drier conditions. Wind strengthens from the SE with a fall in wave quality into the afternoon

Until next week Mark Flint signing off from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort.