Nias Weekly Surf Report 01-08 Aug 2017

By Mark Flint from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay

Finally, I’ve got my cameras back and the weekly reports will now re-commence.

Tuesday 1st August: Offshore winds and great 5-foot waves. Bigger sets every now than then. Very few surfers around at present.

Wednesday 2nd August:  Offshore crisp tropical morning and very hot. Waves remain around the 4-5 feet with SSE winds variable during the day to offshore in the afternoon

Good afternoon pulse with 6 foot sets – Perfect conditions 😊

Thursday 3rd August: Offshore winds with the sign of change in the skies.  Waves remain constant at 4-5’ with some 6-foot sets.

Lot of talk of big swell on the way.  Our guest is now well into the swing having the take-off makers sorted and rolling in a surf pattern from the hammock to meal and surf!

Friday 4th August: A nice still morning after a good downpour through the night. Waves are a bit messy but still consistent and some nice sets.  A few more surfers have arrived, expecting a large swell / wave increase

Saturday 5th August: More overnight showers cool things down.  The still morning produces some bigger waves but needs the offshore to straighten things up. Mid-morning has nice clean lines peeling off the point

Sunday 6th August: Early morning ocean breeze messing up the waves. Overnight rain and wind storms, during the day variable winds with a 4-5-foot swell running. Afternoon more rain storms and winds swing to offshore.  Good afternoon session as the offshore cleans up the waves

Strong bullet storms offshore creating messy ocean stopping all cargo vessels from departing port

Monday 7th August: Off shore morning after rain during the night.  The bad weather has abated but also a swell decrease with now 4- set waves breaking off the point and starting to run down to Kiddies Corner.  Waves have great form and this morning session was very casual as a lot of people have left from Nias

Nice consistent waves throughout the day with a few bigger sets late afternoon. Great start to the week

Tuesday 8th August: Offshore morning and the waves have died back to 3 foot off the point running through to Kiddies corner. Pleasant day with consistent but small waves. Pulse predicted for the new week. Our last KabuNohi guest departs with the dying swell after averaging 3 surfs a day for his 10 day stay.

Nice to have the cameras back and looking forward to sitting on the deck clicking off plenty more shots of stoked surfers.  Until next week, Mark Flint signing off from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake, Nias.