Nias Surf Report 12-17 Apr 2018

By Mark Flint from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay

Thursday 12 April:  Offshore morning with the SE wind coming in early & waves are small on the inside Kiddies Corner. Wind dies back during the day to see some great small waves for the grommets in the Kiddies to Rice bowl section in front of our KabuNohi deck view area

Friday 13th April: Crisp offshore morning with an increase in swell with some size 3-foot waves now breaking off the outside point in perfect conditions.  Some waves ridden from outside point and connecting into Kiddies inside (280-meter rides); then the long paddle back out.

Waves remain the same for the day with an increase in size in the afternoon

Saturday 14th April: Overnight rain makes for a cool offshore morning & waves have dropped back slightly but still 3-4 foot off the outside point.  Slightly on shore for the mid-day session turning off shore for a slow afternoon

Sunday 15th April:  Offshore morning with small waves to 3 feet on the outside point & a sound of thunder in the skies with a bit of unsettled weather. Waves consistent throughout the day, with a nice afternoon pulse

Monday 16th April: Overnight rain with overcast morning skies, big high tide with the offshore winds & waves to 3 feet.  A bit full in the morning but getting better as the day progresses. Rain comes back in from storms at sea & waves remain but have signs of the storm bump from localised storms. Afternoon session cleans right up with the steady offshore wind out the bay & waves size to 6 foot & tubing – Excellent quality waves

Tuesday 17th April:  Offshore crisp morning & waves have died back to 3 feet on the outside point with big morning tides with the new moon rising.  Mid-day session low tide & a slight onshore slightly effects surf quality.  Afternoon offshore and tide push and a slight increase in wave size.

Until next time, Mark Flint signing off from the surf deck with a fresh fruit juice in hand!