BY MARK FLINT from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort.

Monday 1st May:  Swell increase as predicted forecast. Today is looking very good. Lagundri Bay’s predominate offshore wind starts to strengthen blowing out of the Bay.  The waves are accordingly lining up better with some sets to 6 foot. Mid-morning the wind backs off with oil glass conditions with 4 wave sets of 5 feet and the occasional 6 feet wave on the bigger sets.

Oil glass conditions with some light rain, swell backs off as the tide moves to low but sets remain steady in size at pleasant 4-5 feet.  There are very few experienced surfers around so most surfers at present think that are in paradise with small crowd and waves all day which will follow through into the rest of the week. From the low into the afternoon a light but strengthening SSE swinging to SSW onshore just to take the crisp edge off, most surfers are surfed out from a pretty good all day session of waves through the high to arvo low.  Late arvo the wind backs off the offshores to become a barrel and snap fest as the daylight fades away.

Tides: High 9:00 Low 15:15

Tuesday 2nd May:  Bright sunny start to the day with the crisp offshore wind for the morning. Swell/waves have slowed back to 4 feet with now long lulls between sets. Sun shining bright starting for a hot morning in Nias which in a turn by mid-morning sees the wind shift from NNW – NNE-to slight S. East Subsequently wave quality is effected, from chasing the barrel to more on over and launching of the still powerful lips

Wind remain slight onshore into the early afternoon and back offshore for the late session. Nice waves into sunset with sets to 4foot

Few more surfers have turned up in anticipation for rising swell,

Rock-star right and the SE coast has been getting waves with the ideal still conditions. Plenty of waves around in all surf breaks with perfect tropical conditions

Hot days in Nias slow around the point with little people around

Wednesday 3rd May: Early morning rain cools the morning down

Wind offshore and surf remaining at around 3-4 ft as the morning tide starts to push up on the reef increasing waves size but also bringing in strengthening South East winds.

Decreasing wind in Mid-afternoon see consistent waves with little crowd. Afternoon glass off no swell increase but consistent sets to 4-5 feet

MOON 1st Quarter

High Tide 10:23am, Low Tide 17:30 am


Thursday 4th May: Rain overnight

The onshore stream wind has messed the morning waves up, crumpling lips. The morning offshore starts to strengthen out of the bay cleaning the 4 to 5 foot waves considerably. Variable winds through the morning strengthening to SSE the wave size slightly dropping and the sets infrequent.

Surf stays constant without any signs of building or dropping, onshore bumps of the tops but fun for lip launching and racing the sections. Afternoon stronger wind in from South

Varying conditions and unsettled skies Stormy rain squall in the early hours of the morning with gusty wind squalls from east South East direction, dropping back on daylight to bring in the offshore, this offshore did not last too long with wind swing back to SSE bring cross chop into the waves

Crowds are steady with 8 to 10 surfers of varying ability. The best surfing for the last months has been by the locals who have their take off positions wired and read the waves patterns in all the variety of conditions.

Very few people moving around town at present

Friday 5th May: Rain early to mid-morning dampens back the swell to 2ft.  Unusual to have no one surfing even though nice small waves with crisp offshore, could it be too cold for the crew as this morning it’s unusually cool for the tropics.

As the day moves on the drizzle rain slows back remaining overcast

Waves steady at 2 sometimes 4-foot fun out the back with some smaller waves forming down the inside Kiddies Corner section.

Late afternoon glass with a slight offshore a few bigger but infrequent sets to 5 foot keeping the crew on its toes chasing the inside waves and caught out by some nice peeling bigger set waves, this hopefully is a sign of a swell increase for the next few days coming.

The strong wind and rain storm of the morning continued into the mid-morning, overcast skies and variable slight winds, during the day the weather pattern settles down with a NWW pattern of the afternoon offshore breeze

Clearing skies into late evening and stars ashine

Saturday 6th May: Still calm conditions early morning but still waiting for the increase in swell size, morning light sees 3-4 foot clean glassy waves peeling off the point with a few early morning surfers causally enjoying the morning vibe. Looking like a balmy day around the region so the mornings pleasant low sun angle and steady flowing cool offshore breeze flowing out through the surrounding Nias hills and valleys, make this a perfect time of the day

Midday waves are similar to the day/s before still only the occasional bigger set. Crowds are low with clear skies and sunny mornings.  The adverse weather seems to have cleared for the time being. During the day clouds move in with a slight wind swinging through the east to south and south west and then mid-afternoon back to the east with a church wind


Average surf conditions continue but still many a good ride to be had.  Crowds low again.  Tonight we have Indonesian non-surfing guest to enjoy Saturday Night KabuNohi atmosphere.  Interestingly they are amazed at Nias after many trips to Bali where here they can see the surfing directly out front from the comfort of the KabuNohi View Deck.

Another first for tonight is BBQ fish made in the hot coals of the handmade Pizza oven which is something new , but quite a success

Sunday 7th May: Overcast morning with nice glassy waves on the point to 5 feet. Making tides during the mid-morning give some good pulse with some nice solid barrels and carve-able faces.   Wind favourable with only sight shifts to the west north west that only put insignificant face chatter on the wave faces. The afternoon session lights up with some nice take off tubes and end bowl snaps and slash. Local’s rule again having the take-off wired but happy to give some pointers to the few tourists around.  Tourists always comment how cool the local Nias surfers are compared to other parts of the world.

Great round up to the end of the week and more to come in the next days

Wind is favourable all day long with an indistinct patter that is classic to this equatorial region of doldrums and oil glass conditions. afternoon starts with slight wind shift to the west putting face chatter up the waves making and holding the lips up but as well wafting up the wave face and making for great crisp clean wave faces. Great surfing in Nias

A few more people around with the swell pulse with blow ins from Bali including more cameras on the point.  The expansive line-up spreads the surfers out, with only the tuned in crew sitting on the wedging take off section and quite a few wiping out here letting the shoulder hangers get the ride of their life. The local photographers are also in force on the beach and in the canoes cashing in with the advantage of great waves that everyone can surf.  I would say hundreds of photos and video taken today.  Very cool to witness a bunch of ordinary surfers have a great time and catch probably some of the best tubes and wave faces they have surfed in their lives!

Sunday local Niasian tourists crowds are around taking selfies with the big Nias wave as a back drop interesting to see them gasp as someone blows a take-off and over the falls. Most of the point in late arvo are drinking beers (local photographers included) as it was a good day all round.

Monday 8th May: Woken by big sets thumping on the reef and into the bay! The KabuNohi bamboo garden rustles with the mornings crisp offshore the reef end out the front of our deck is awash with white water.

It’s the end of this week’s surf report with the start of a new swell! More stories and pictures next week from the Deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort.

Cheers Mark