Botohili Village: In our immediate and within walking distance we have 2 traditional villages 500 meters up the back of the hill from KabuNohi Sorake is the village of Botohilitano, this is the village that assimilated/facilitated the first surfers onto being the traditional owners of the coconut plantations that grow on “the Point”.

Hiliametaniha Village: A 40 min walk down the point along Lagundri beach and up the hill (alternatively 10 mins on motorbike) takes you to the traditional village of ‘Hiliametaniha’. This village is distant from the influence of tourists and is still very traditional. You will literally feel like you’re walking back in time. Hiliametaniha village also gives you a fantastic view over Lagundri bay “the Point” up to Indicator reef and further to Sobatu bay.

Bowamataluo Village: (Sun Hill) this is where the biggest king’s house, that is said to be 200 yeas + old exists. This massive slab wooden building sits atop huge wooden poles. Bowamataluo Village is renowned for its cultural displays of war dancing and the famous stone jumping sport and the sun hill sunset.

Town and Village Market Days

The Local Town of Teluk Dalam (Deep Harbor) has shops open every day except Sunday. Indonesian Banks with ATM machines that accept Visa Card. A trip to this town is interesting and if you need to buy things there is a traditional market as well as a small supermarket, prices in the shops are cheaper than what you find around Sorake.

Traditional Markets, (Hari Hambala)

A 30-min drive from Sorake is the village of Amadaya, here every Thursday there is a traditional roadside market that is very busy, produce from the surrounding mountain villages is spread along the side of the main road and sellers and buyers bargain for goods. Here you can get a great perspective of Nias village life and the Nias people, these markets the scenery of Plantations Mountains and rice paddies in route to Amadaya is full of great photo opportunities

Treks and Jungle walk,

Villages, Markets, Waterfalls, Rice paddies Rubber coconut and cassava plantations. Walk or motor bike trek hill and dale from village to village on the old farm plantation tracks, these treks can be for a trip to the waterfall (1/2 day) or overnight staying in the village, we have experience local guides that can take you there!

Chill spots

Sobatu Bay rock pools and coral channel swim spot (10-15 min leisurely coconut plantation and reef walk)

Alawasa Rocks and sand beach (40 mins reef and coconut plantation walk)

Waterfall (1/2-day Car /Motorbike and walking trail)