The Surf Point at Sorake in Lagundri Bay Sorake is one of the premier waves on the west coast of Sumatra and earns a top 10 rating in the world’s top “A” grade waves. Lagundri bay is protected by hills and large coconut plantations that direct and fan the offshores down into the bay. Historically Lagundri is little effected by any adverse winds, hence known to sailors as a good all weather anchorage.

Little is it known, but Sorake has consistent surf all year round

Surf Seasons: November to February we class as low surf season with the outside point breaking less frequently than peak season, although generally once or twice a week there a 3-6 ft point waves. During the low season, Kiddies corner really comes into its own.

Surf Access

On small days (inside section usually low season) you can access the waves by walking our private path across the reef to the inside waves right in front of the property.

When the point is firing the safest, fastest and most efficient way to access the point wave, is walk or jog from our front yard main gate along the Sorake Beach village road +/- 150 meters and walk across the reef via the keyhole crack in the reef. This crack in the reef allows you a safe entry from behind the wave and a dry hair easy paddle from the Keyhole to the main point, take off zone. It really is very easy and even on the bigger days it’s very easy access to the break.

To exit the surf, you just catch a wave and prone in across the top of the flat reef to our step stone walk and our private beach path into our property. KabuNohi Sorake is a private resort with a unique view looking up the point at all the 3 sections of the wave.